About Grand Island Livestock Complex Authority (GILCA)

With the construction of the Nebraska State Fair facilities at Fonner Park, livestock and agricultural shows have emerged as a strong market for central Nebraska.

To ensure these facilities are marketed in a coordinated, comprehensive fashion, representatives of the Nebraska State Fair, Fonner Park, Chamber of Commerce, and Convention and Visitors Bureau formed the Grand Island Livestock Complex Authority (GILCA) in 2015.

The organization received its official 501c3 designation in April of 2017.

GILCA seeks to market and promote the effective and optimal utilization of these state-of-the-art facilities by holding and promoting events that are best suited for the agriculture and livestock industry.

In the last few years, several regional and national livestock and equine shows have held their events in Grand Island and in the fall of 2017, after a successful 89 years in Omaha, Nebraska, the AKSARBEN 4-H Stock Show and Purple Ribbon Auction relocated the show to Grand Island and Fonner Park.